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Digy is a technology center that uses the latest technologies and gives you the real mobile feeling.
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What We Do
Digy has a history to be proud of! With our designs in global standards and scalable mobile apps, we have reached more than 50 million users in 160 countries.

Our team without borders is improving itself day by day. We prefer to be an ambitious competitor by making a difference in the categories in which we develop mobile apps.

We prefer to leave behind many competing applications in their categories and receive high satisfaction and positive feedback. We accelerate the awareness and branding process by making the best use of digital marketing tools.

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Our Marketing Secret
Marketing Vision
We analyze competitors' hourly and hype-generating products on an hourly, weekly and monthly basis and market our products accordingly. Remember, the right marketing goes through a good analysis!
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Our happy and creative team
How We Work
We are aware of the importance of teamwork, so we take care to make a systematic and correct division of labor. This is the biggest secret of our fast product release...
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The Right People
Our source of motivation is our employees! We prefer to work with people who start the day happy and energetically.
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Shared Values
We are a team that cares about its job and believes in the product it produces! Passion and courage are our most important values.
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Latest News
RecACall is Live!

We attach importance to product development in line with the needs of iOS users.

Our call recorder app, which we developed based on the feedback we received from our users, is now live on the App Store!

Toon AI is with you!

Our Avatar Generator app, which has been popular in social media applications recently, is now with you!

A little tip; You will not only be able to create Avatars, you can have our artificial intelligence painter draw the pictures you imagine using AI technology.

Join our team
Would you like to work with a happy and dynamic team? If you are confident in your abilities, do not forget to contact us.
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